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Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is a customized solution that FERRUM offers for each of its customers. The production lines are strictly built according to precise manufacturing standards to ensure product stability, meet customer quality and cost expectations, and adhere to delivery schedules. FERRUM’s professional knowledge and latest technology in magnetic material production ensure that we can meet customer needs and make the manufacturing process more transparent.

FERRUM's internal precision manufacturing capabilities include magnetic material manufacturing and processing, raw material production capacity, forming and cutting capacity, sintering capacity, processing capacity, automated silver plating capacity, and our research and development team constantly introduces intelligent and efficient production methods such as "machine replacement for workers" to improve quality and efficiency, as well as multifunctional AOI inspection equipment and perfect product testing equipment to meet the production demands of each application.

Automated equipment plays an important role in improving production efficiency and safety, and product quality and stability. Continuously introducing advanced equipment and talents, customized automation equipment can reduce costs, shorten production cycles, and meet customer needs.

raw material preparation


sintering capacity

cutting & processing

automated silver plating

multifunctional AOI inspection

Automated production


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