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Reliable Delivery

Reliable Delivery

FERRUM is equipped with advanced quality assurance testing equipment to ensure that new product development, engineering changes, and other activities can accurately understand customer requirements, and that company products can continuously and stably meet regulated quality levels. At the same time, we use quality methods to collect data during the manufacturing process and monitor and adjust as necessary. Testing includes RoHS certification of components, verification specifications, environmental testing, reliability testing, and more.

Reliability testing equipment

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

SY8232 B-H analyzer

coating thickness gauge


impedance analyzer

Super-Resolution 3D Microscopy System

Total Quality Management (TQM) is carried out to control the quality of product development, production processes, and market services. We adhere to a serious and persistent work philosophy, and carry out continuous improvement according to the PDCA principle. While implementing the requirements of IATF16949 and its five major tools, we further apply VDA6.3/6.5 to ensure process and product control.

Quality assurance system

Standardized management, quality first, customer-oriented and continuous improvement

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